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Your support is crucial in enabling IDAA to continue its mission. By making a donation, you contribute to the sustainability and growth of our initiatives. Your generosity allows us to create more opportunities, advocate for directors and DOPs, and bring about positive change in the industry.

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Advocating for Equity and Regulation

In addition to the advocacy of all the directors and DOPs, we have decided to expand our advocacy efforts to include the below-the-line crew, in response to requests for representation and advocacy from them.

We have now chosen to collaborate with specific industry and non-industry organizations and associations to work towards the regulation of our South African film industry. Currently, it is self-regulated, which often works against the interests of crew members in favor of producers and production companies who prioritize profit over the dignity of our film and TV crew.

Some producers are being manipulated and exploited by large studios and TV agencies due to the industry’s self-regulatory nature.

By making a donation to our association, you empower us to push for the much-needed change in our industry. This change is essential not only for directors and DOPs but for everyone working within it.

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