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None Directors Membership

Join us today for exclusive benefits.

None Directors Membership

R1000,00 / year

None Directors, DOP’S, and cinematographers are welcome to sign up for a membership and they will have equal benefits as the others.

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None Directors Membership Benefits:

  1. We will advise you on any industry-related issues, and opportunities.
  2. Guide you in the right direction for any industry queries.
  3. Support you with any other industry-related issues.

All memberships will receive our monthly and weekly newsletter with all the industry-related issues and opportunities.

Important Information

Membership is valid for one year.

Membership cannot be processed without this application form and full membership payment.

Memberships will be subject to automatic renewal on an annual basis, accompanied by the issuance of a renewal invoice. The cancellation of memberships can be conveniently executed via the designated “My Account” page.

Please enter the link to your film uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox. Accepted video file formats are AVI, MOV and MP4.
Bank Details:

Bank: FNB

Acc Name: Independent Directors Association Africa

Acc No: 63050192277

Branch Code: 250655


GCF [Your film title]